My Toys

A Time It Was

I love finding old toys. These are well loved. They have chips and dents. They have ripped seams or broken pieces but that only shows the love given to them. They came from yard sales, antique shops and estate sales. This morning on the way to work, I heard that children as young as 7 have cell phones. Their parents get tired of them asking for theirs so they buy them their own. Do kids even still play with toys? If the answer is no, how sad is that? I treasure my found toys as my Mom wasn't one to keep our old things. I understood. The house was small but it would be awesome to find a box somewhere of all my old toys. Agree? I photographed these toys in my living room using natural light and my Nikon.



A Moment With Jesus

I was passing through Marksville a couple weeks ago and stopped at the local Catholic church for a moment. I was in Avoyelles parish photographing for our next ADs Avoyelles directory. There are few spaces that can compare to the peace, quiet and solitude of a Catholic church. It is a space where you can drop to your knees and speak to Jesus. It is a space where the outside world is silenced and ones heart can open to hear God's voice. Avoyelles parish is Catholic country and I passed several Catholic churches in my journey but, this being my favorite, called my name and I had to stop. I knew the doors would be unlocked. After a brief moment of prayer, I made a few photos. I remembered standing in this very spot with my Mom and later her sister. Memories I hope will always remain.


Caretaker Needed

Remains of the Day

One of my favorite photo spots is the Old Rapides Cemetery in Pineville, Louisiana. I was most dismayed to see how overgrown and neglected it was on my last visit. Despite that, I still took a few shots. My eyes were open at all times for snakes and other critters. Hopefully on my next visit the caretakers will have made a pass thru.




An Escape

I discovered this spot on my lunch break one day. The path through the pines once was a part of an Army base durning WWII. On the right, not shown, are the remains of perhaps bunkers that once housed young men prior to them being shipped overseas or maybe offices or a mess hall. It is a beautiful space and a nice escape but I feel the ghost of a war long past as I walk the path once walked by scared young men that gave their service to our country. A different time by far. A time when patriotism was at an all time high. When men were men and women were women. A time when one cared for their neighbor and fellow man more than their self. A time when Sunday was sacred and God was first and foremost in all man's hearts. O, to only return to that time again. I wish… I wish…


Black & White

This Used To Be My Playground

"A League of Their Own" is one of my favorite movies. The best part for me was the end when the credits roll. As Madonna sings, they show black & white stills, from the movie, of the actors portraying the players of the All-America Girls Professional Baseball League. When processing my photos taken of our local softball team, I couldn't help but convert some to black & white in homage. The movie itself is in color but I am also a fan of all old B&W films. Another favorite of mine is, "The Little Fugitive". I recently learned that, Morris Engel, a photographer made the film. His love for B&W still photography is evident throughout the film. There are many others of course but, I particularly enjoy Hitchcock's use of light and shadows in his many excellent films and television productions. Enjoy…



Under Construction


I am in the process of upgrading my site. I do so as I watch the events unfold in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Sadness feels my heart with what has become a daily realty. Last week I had the honor of photographing a girls softball team. This gave me hope. There was no hate on the field. What I see played out in the news, day after day was just not there under the blazing sun in Alexandria, Louisiana. Persons of all races, ages and religions joined hands in a common goal to simply play softball, to teach young girls life long values and to have fun. I only with this could be seen on the news instead of the hate that is broadcasted day after day on our local news sources. Yes, it is accurate reporting but there is more and I only wish that all could see life thru the eyes of our young people on the ball fields across America.